What is Lie Detector Test?

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Lie detector testing is to detect whether a person is telling truth or not, mainly used in the interrogations. This term is mainly familiar with civil and criminal cases. Lie detection is done from ancient times. It has changed the tools but the underlying aim is to know the truth. In ancient times spit was used to know whether the person is telling lie or not. In the middle age torture was used. But on humanitarian grounds it is not acceptable. The validity of these tests is questionable in the olden days, but nowadays due to the advancement of technology made it possible to get accurate results.

Lie Detection – Professional Certification

Certification is very much important for the conducting of these tests. These tests are related to law and psychology, if the lawyers are well versed in psychology it will be helpful for them to detect the truth or lie, told by their clients to them. In the course of study of law, psychology should be introduced as one of the subjects. The topics of psychology related to the legal world should be incorporated in the syllabus of law. The judgement is not given based on the results of the polygraph tests. In the law there is a notion that no person should be punished if he is not guilt. So, these tests are only used to get the truth out of them rather than giving judgement. Only in few cases it is admissible as evidence. It is the basis for the further investigation. Nowadays it is also being used in the TV shows to entertain the viewers.

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The scenarios –A Look

The present scenario of the LIE DETECTING TESTS is it is fully automated and technology driven. Previously the results were hand written, but nowadays they are in the form of digital output, fully in the hands of computerized technology.  These tests focus on two methodologies one is Comparative Question test which measures the physiological arousal patterns which are the results of the emotional state, and the second is Concealed Information test which depends on the measurement of physiological patterns which are the result of orienting response. Both the methodologies use the same apparatus, but the conclusions are drawn based on different factors.

The History

From the past three decades, the quality of the polygraph test has been increasing to give better results. It is served as an investigative tool for the investigators in investigating the victims. The importance of it has been increasing in the recent times. Not only in the investigation, but some employers are also using this tool at the time of giving employment.