How roller and pleated blinds can keep your room protected

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The blinds are the most important feature of any room to protect it from the shades of the sun and to maintain the privacy. There are different kinds of blinds which are normally used in homes and some of the blind types are:

  • Roller blinds
  • Pleated blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are being used in many homes because they can easily roll down for the complete privacy and can also be rolled up for permitting light into the rooms. These roller blinds are mostly used in kitchen because they are made up of clean fabrics which are easy for maintenance. This blind can reduce the sun’s rays traveling directly into the rooms. The roller blinds are usually horizontally lowered and we can adjust the length through the cord given in it.

Advantages of roller blinds

  • Flexibility – The roller blinds are mostly flexible and it also depends on the choice of fabric we use in it.
  • Easy to operate – The roller blinds are easy to operate because it comes with multiple operating options like spring assisted, operated by chain or fully motorized.
  • Long life – It gives long lifespan because of the high quality fabrics, durable steel tubes being used. The fabrics used in roller blinds won’t get faded even after years because they are specially treated to resist UV rays.

Pleated blinds

The pleated blinds give you softness to the window, while allowing the sunlight to brighten a room. The pleats of the pleated shades protects good against solar heat in summer but are less effective against cold in the winter. The single layer of the fabric is not as effective as an insulator. The pleated shades are very similar to the cellular shades. The main differences between these two types are at the lifting cords. The cords in the cellular shades are hidden inside the cells of fabric while the cords of the pleated shades are clearly visible.

Advantages of pleated blinds

  • It is cost effective and it usually costs less than the other types of blinds.
  • It is very easy to operate and there are cords, cordless and remote controlled pleated blinds are also available. The cordless blinds are easy to maintain and it can be operated even by kids.
  • There are wide ranges of supplies used in pleated blinds and users can choose from fabric blinds to the plastic ones.


As many varieties of blinds available in the market users can choose those suits perfectly for their rooms or offices. It protects the rooms in summer and winter and also makes it looks more elegant.